About Us


About Us

'ATOM TUITION CENTRE' is the dream of a young talented and ambitious teacher Mr.Thobias P.J, who believes that "A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the knowledge and instill a love of learning;- Brad Henry". He always spread his positive vibes to his students. Having dedicated his life to the spreading of knowledge, he officially founded  'ATOM TUITION CENTRE' at Kadavanthra in Kochi and later extended a branch to Palarivattom. Rendering whole-hearted support is his wife Mrs.Cicily Thobias, who extend her support as the centre administrator.
The centre has an equally dedicated faculties to compliment the effort of this dynamic duo.
At ATOM , we believe that every student is unique and deserves respect, care and understanding as he is guided towards becoming a person of upright character. We are motivated by a desire to teach children as well as help them to prepare themselves for a life of usefulness in this highly competitive world.
Hence we at ATOM  works with a moto 'Make learning simple...' Here we offer high quality supplimentary education and all our teachers are fully qualified and have a track record of delivering lessons and getting the best out of pupils.



 We realise that the last thing most pupil wanted to do when they get out of schools is to attend another school. This is why we engage with allvour  pupils to make sure the atmosphere of learning is different from school. Here at 'ATOM' we provide an extremely friendly, peaceful and comfortable space for pupils to think outside the hectic rush of everyday school.Our student counsillor can administrator always tries to stand closer to the students and personally knows each of the student. This friendly and open system brings an enviornment where pupils can easily share any student related issues to the department.


All the mainstream schools will have almost(40 +) forty plus students in a class. It is a fact that the teachers cannot pay attention to each and every student. They will either concentrate on the average ones or the very bright ones. The very same happens in most of the tuition centers also.

Here is the main attraction of 'ATOM' We always maintain small classes sizes. This means that pupil are able to receive far more individual attention. And teachers can easily and quickly discover when a student is notgrapsing a concept, so they can be supported further.


We are NOT-FOR-PROFIT organisation and we work hard to make sure our prices are as low as possible. All our fees directlt to paying the teachers and providing learning resources and institutional facilities so that parents get real value for money.

We realise that paying for a year of extra tuition is a lot of money, so please do get in contact with us to discuss payment options


We know that parents are the single most important factor in any pupil's education. We try to engage with parents at all stages of a pupils time with 'ATOM'.

We know, how worried parents are regarding their word. That is why after the initial assessment, our administrator is always ready to talk with the prents discuss the result and the ways pupil can make progress.  


Having experienced and inspiring teachers who are passionate about their work is at the heart of all that ATOM does. Unlike very supplimentary education providers, all our teachers are fully qualified and have a track record of delivering lessons and getting best out of pupil.